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"Blake is the consummate professional. Not only is she a skilled developmental editor, she has a keen eye for character consistency and gives tremendous attention to detail. Her warmth, her genuine enthusiasm, and her talent for troubleshooting make her an absolute joy to work with. Every project of mine that she has touched has been better for her involvement."—Deanna RaybournNew York Times bestselling author

"Blake is one of the best developmental editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a knack for seeing the big picture, and with a few well-placed comments, can bring the whole story together in a better, more compelling way. Sensing themes and structure are her forte, and she’s made every book she’s read for me stronger and cleaner. I can’t recommend her highly enough."J.T. Ellison, New York Times bestselling author 

"Blake will, without question, dramatically improve your writing. Her sharp eye and keen attention to detail is illuminating as well as inspiring. Her comments and questions are always stellar, helping you craft the best possible version of your writing. Blake is thoughtful in her phrasing and pays close attention to author voice; no detail goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Truly, Blake’s enthusiasm is unmatched, coloring her editorial approach with joy. She’s an ally in the word trenches, and I'm deeply grateful for her insights." —Ali Trotta, author, Rhysling Award nominee

"Blake Leyers is the development editor we all need. Her keen eye and innate sense of story brings out the best in an author’s work. She asks the questions that allow us to dig deeper, go further than we would or could without her. She is a professional, and her relentless energy brings the work to a new level. If Blake has touched a story, it is all the better for her attention."—Patti Callahan Henry , New York Times bestselling author

"Blake is a sharp, smart, incisive editor who's also thoughtful and sensitive to the subtleties of writing. She is a consummate professional and has fantastic positive energy. I applaud her constructive criticism, good cheer, and deep love of serial commas. Brava, Blake!"Susan Elia MacNealNew York Times bestselling author

"Intuitive, timely, precise. Blake is a joy to work with."Laura Benedict, Edgar-and ITW Thriller Award-nominated author 

"Blake has an innate sense of what a manuscript needs in order to become compelling storytelling.  She wields her editing pen with knowledge, intuition, and grace, and has a delightful pageside manner.  I'm convinced her insights helped my manuscript find a home."Alyssa Goodnight, author of Austensibly Ordinary

"Blake is a talented developmental editor and committed supporter of writers. Her energetic enthusiasm and loyal support make her a joy to work with. Her gifts for language and story make her an essential part of my writing process. When I signed with an agent after submitting my first manuscript, it was a direct result of Blake's magic touch."Kasey Lane, Award-winning author, Rock 'n' Ink series 

"An editor worth her salt dots every i, crosses every t, and delivers her work in a timely manner. Blake did all of that with care and a sense of humor, which gave me confidence I’d made the right choice of an editor. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"—Christine Rose Elle, author of Simple Organic Beauty: Easy Recipes for Natural Skin Care Products

"With her adept editorial eye and ability to sometimes know what my characters are up to before I do, Blake’s enthusiasm for words and story has been an irreplaceable asset to my writing process."Holly Faurhistorical fiction novelist 

"Blake’s insightful comments and sharp eyes helped me immensely while I was editing my novel. She saw things I had missed and asked questions that made my book much better than it was before. Her help was invaluable and I’ll certainly be asking for a slot on her schedule when my next novel is ready for submission."Elise Alden, author of Hate to Love You

"Blake has an impeccable eye for writing, from the minutiae to the larger, structural issues of storytelling. She identified exactly what wasn’t working in my manuscript and communicated the issues to me clearly and provided specific examples, such that I was able to devise a comprehensive revision plan. The book is much stronger, thanks to her capable editorial intervention."—Mark Conard, writer and editor

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